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Adithi Homes is an exclusive residential flats complex with modern design and elegant lifestyle, strategically located near Mogapair, now in the most happening place in the city, more precisely about half a kilometre from Madhuravoyal Flyover(bridge), Chennai.

The flats complex comprises of 2structurally elevated blocks, designed to meet international standards of space all around with good natural light and cross air ventilation. All are 2 Bed Rooms Flats with 2 Toilets.


Plinth Area

79.5% on the Saleable Area.


Common and Service Area

20.5% on the Saleable Area


CMDA & RERA approved.


Club House, Gym, STP & WTP.


Children Play Area.


Jogging Track


Beautiful Landscape & Park.


Rain Water Harvesting.

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CMDA & RERA Approved

Adithi homes are CMDA & RERA approved. The CMDA empowers the CMA local governments for buildings and structures under residential, industrial, commercial, institutional and other qualifying categories, as well as subdivisions, smaller layouts, Direct permission from CMDA is required for multi-storied and special buildings, IT/ITeS structures and some other categories of buildings.

Adithi homes has also set up the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) to monitor compliance, settle disputes and punish developers who violate the rules. The goal of the law is to increase transparency, accountability and consumer protection in the real estate industry, making it easier for real estate buyers to make informed decisions.

Club house

Adithi homes offer various amenities and activities like gym, ballroom, indoor play area etc. in the clubhouse of the housing society. Amenities include a gym, ballroom, indoor playground, lounges and other amenities.

Part of the community lifestyle of the project residents. Unlike the rural pastures of our past, the urban generation finds it difficult to form lasting relationships. Due to long working hours, many do not have time to meet, let alone make friends.

Communities bring people from different backgrounds together and give them the opportunity to connect and support each other.


Adithi home gyms are growing in popularity after the events of the last few years. Being at home, following an exercise program, living a healthy lifestyle and saving money are all benefits of building a home gym.

One service that offers great benefits to adhiti deep home dwellers is the gym. Gyms are sports facilities similar to gyms that contain a variety of exercise equipment, weights and other specialized training equipment.

Children’s Play Area

Adithi Homes Children’s Play Area, a joint club where children can gather, play and have fun. Outdoor games and sports after school are the best ways to help children build friendships and develop social skills.

Of course having friends of different age groups makes it easier for parents to go to the playground away from the cell phone and the TV screen. Not just for kids, a fenced playground can help parents connect with other parents and create a sense of community that is vital and important in today’s busy lives.


Adithi homes are suitable STP & WTP

Wastewater is that originates from domestic, household and commercial waste. They contain human and animal excrement, rainwater and sewage. It contains more solid waste due to the presence of such material and is more harmful for human consumption.

These facilities use operations such as screening, sedimentation, demolition, aerobic biology, solid film or suspended growth treatment, blowers, etc. to treat sewage. The final result may not be 100% usable, but it is enough to empty it into the final storage bin and use some of the contents for other processes.

Water Treatment Plant (WTP)

Simply, consider a water filter in your home kitchen. The water entering the filter can be raw, well water, or usually small amounts of contaminated water.

To use the filter for drinking or other purposes, it processes and finally provides clean water for use. The same mechanism is used in water treatment plants.

Jogging track

Adithi homes realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle. More and more people started exercising, for example light gymnastics at home, jogging or even going to the gym. It is good for our health, but most of the time we are too lazy for it.

Adithi homes also offer you a dedicated track for morning or afternoon runs. Enjoy the view around the homes while you breathe fresh air. You don’t have to be afraid of boredom and fatigue when you run in the morning or in the afternoon.

Beautiful landscaping

Adithi homes look attractive with great landscaping is key. This not only adds to the aesthetics of the building, but also has a calmying effect on the residents. However, there is much more to good landscaping than planting a few trees.

Landscaping is also known as gardening and is the art and craft of growing plants to create a beautiful environment. Landscaping also includes other elements such as structures, buildings, fences or other material objects created and/or installed by humans.

Rainwater harvesting

Adithi homes collect rain water, water is the elixir of life and human existence is not possible without it. Along with global climate change, the amount of precipitation is also changing.

Urban areas with ever-growing populations must face the consequences of water shortages, especially during the dry season. To combat this, the government mandates that any new apartment building built on more than 5 centimeters of land must have a rainwater harvesting system.

This applies to Adhiti homes with multiple families and high water consumption. Builders are required to have a built-in rainwater collection system that collects both roof and surface runoff and directs it to underground tanks. If water is scarce, that water can be used for non-drinking purposes.

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Adithi Homes is an exclusive residential flats complex with modern design and elegant lifestyle, strategically located near Mogapair, now in the most happening place in the city, more precisely about half a kilometre from Madhuravoyal Flyover(bridge), Chennai.


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